THEMIS for Digitisation Production and Project Management
THEMIS for Digitisation Production and Project Management


THEMIS is a feature-rich, browser-based digitisation production and project management tool allowing users to track the progress of images through the production process. THEMIS allows for meta data harvesting from scanned documents and image manipulation by proxy .jpg including batch rotation and splitting of images.

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THEMIS: A New Approach

Changing the order in which we digitise has two major benefits: first, it allows access to the digital images to be opened up sooner; second, the cataloguing and indexing process is far more efficient – the relevant data fields can be entered against the corresponding image on a screen, directly into a structured database, rather than having to key into a spreadsheet against the physical item.

Managed stages within a typical digitisation project using THEMIS

  • Numbering
  • Capture
  • Conversion
  • Splitting
  • Cataloguing
  • Transcription
  • OCR
  • QA
  • Final output, exported directly from THEMIS, in a range of formats


  • Web-based
  • Remote user access (if appropriate)
  • Audit trail for user activity
  • Ability to revert to an earlier version of an edit
  • Database customisation
  • UI customisation
  • Template creation for automated data extraction
  • OCR accuracy statistics
  • Project progress reporting to item level
  • Project management reporting

THEMIS for Cataloguing

During the indexing and transcription process, THEMIS is able to access and accommodate any existing catalogue information while allowing the addition of further metadata post digitisation. THEMIS makes the cataloguing and indexing process far more efficient - rather than matching spreadsheet records against physical items, THEMIS allows the cataloguer to enter the relevant data fields directly into a structured database against the corresponding image.


Max have been a trusted digitisation and solutions partner with King’s College London Archives for more than a decade. They have always undertaken work to a high standard, and on time, and are a friendly team who are ready to help at short notice.

--Dr Geoff Browell | Head of Archives and Research Collections | King’s College London
THEMIS for Digitisation Production and Project Management
THEMIS for Digitisation Production and Project Management