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DRYAD: Archive Management
Built on AtoM and WordPress

Max’s Archive Management Service, DRYAD, uses tried and tested technologies AtoM and WordPress allowing users to utilise AtoM's specialist archive management capabilities within WordPress's flexible and functionality rich online publishing environment.

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DRYAD: Archive Management
A Bespoke, Customisable Solution

Max's skills and experience combined with AtoM's innate flexibility mean that we're able to customise a bespoke solution that matches your organisation's individual use case.

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DRYAD: Archive Management
CrossWalker for Seamless Migration

DRYAD utilises Max’s 'Crosswalker' tool to create a single ISADG compliant csv document and ensure Seamless Migration to AtoM from your old system.

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DRYAD – Archive Management Software & Services

DRYAD – Archive Management Software & Services

Max’s Archives Management Software as a Service, DRYAD, is built on AtoM software, a modern day web-based archive management system used around the world by hundreds of archives. AtoM is an open source product, freely available under a General Public Licence.

To find out more about Max's DRYAD archive management software & services please use the buttons below or call us on 0208 309 5445.


Max Communications and the RSA Archive have a successful, long standing working relationship. We have undertaken several digitisation projects together to scan our numerous large sized artworks, prints and diagrams. More recently we successfully migrated to Max’s archive management and digital preservation services, DRYAD and SOTERIA. I cannot fault either the consistent quality of the digitisation or the quality of professional service provided and would recommend, Max Communications, without reservation.

--Eve Watson | Head of Archive | The Royal Society of Arts