Like its sister product, SOTERIA, Max's DRYAD archive management software and services is both flexible and feature-rich allowing us to tailor a bespoke archive management and publishing solution specifically to the needs of your organisation. Our approach is comprehensive and we are present throughout the process from initial preparation and setup through to publishing via AtoM, WordPress or a combination of the two. Max also follow up every installation with comprehensive training and ongoing support.

To find out more about Max's DRYAD archive management software & services please use the buttons below or call us on 0208 309 5445.

Our Approach


  • Migration of archival content from other software (e.g. Calm) using Max’s Crosswalker utility
  • Mapping of catalogue data to ISAD(G)/ Dublin Core archival standards
  • Architecture built on a tree hierarchy for archival descriptions
  • Ingest associated images and/ or other media which are visible in an image carousel based on which part of the tree hierarchy is being viewed
  • Ingest metadata, OCRed PDFs and links for maximum discoverability. The AtoM software has keyword and advanced search functionality which returns relevant results from across the entire collection.

Set up, deployment and support

  • Set up, configuration and styling of an AtoM theme that conforms to the client's brand guidelines
  • Secure log in access whereby permissions are determined by user type and even between types of user groups
  • Testing and deployment to live
  • Training and ongoing coaching
  • Fully hosted, managed and supported service delivered under an SLA. This includes access to a named Account Manager
  • We take care of all version release upgrades
  • Our clients have access to ongoing customer-lead development of new utilities. This includes participation in relevant user groups

Contract terms

  • We do not operate a per user licence model.  The costs are the same for one user as for 50.
  • No exit penalties. We do not believe in locking in our customers.
  • A detailed SLA is included within the contract


  • ISO27001 for Security Information Systems
  • ISO9001 for Quality Management Systems
  • ISO14001 for Environmental Management Systems
  • Cyber Essentials Plus for Security Information Systems

Built on AtoM

AtoM stands for Access to Memory. It is a web-based, open source application for standards-based archival description and access in a multilingual and multi-repository environment. AtoM was originally built with support from the International Council on Archives, to encourage broader international standards adoption.

Your AtoM installation can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. All core AtoM functions take place via a web browser, with minimal assumptions about end-user requirements for access. No more synching multiple installations on a per-machine basis – install AtoM once, and access it from anywhere.

Max are now expert in setting up, deploying, managing and maintaining multiple installations of AtoM both in terms of different clients and within an organisation.

WordPress Integration

For many of our DRYAD clients we also provide a WordPress web site which sits in front of the AtoM software. This WordPress wraparound is integrated with the AtoM back-end database.

WordPress is a tried and tested open source content management system, used in close to half a billion websites worldwide. Famous names who use WordPress include the New York Times, Microsoft, Sony and many others. WordPress is hugely popular amongst small to medium sized enterprises as well as large organisations with global reach and is the ideal platform for creating archival websites. WordPress’s flexibility and ease-of-use mean that the basic tasks associated with maintaining a website such as adding and deleting pages, editing content like text and images, adding new menu items and keeping the site up-to-date and secure can be taken on by individuals with little or no coding experience with minimal training.

Please visit the DRYAD Clients page to see how we have integrated WordPress and AtoM for London Southbank University. Other WordPress/ AtoM installations include ZSL, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and Catawba Indian Nation.


Cloud Server Security

DRYAD & SOTERIA are protected by our Cloud Server Security features as shown below.

  • SSL and HTTPS Protection
  • Two-factor admin password authentication (backend)
  • SSH Key Protection
  • PHP & NGINX Security Protection
  • Cloud Panel Firewall Protection
  • DDOS Attack Protection
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • ISO27001 for Information Security Systems
  • Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

Architecture and Infrastructure

  • API LAYER: Web interface (NGINX)
  • APPLICATION LAYER: Archivematica Application Server (PHP, Python and Django)
  • Elastic Search
  • DATABASE LAYER: Archivematica Database

Data Backup and Redundancy

  • VIRTUAL DISK BACKUP: Archivematica, AtoM
  • CLOUD SERVER (PRODUCTION): Archivematica, AtoM, 1&1 IONOS
  • DIPs (Dissemination Information Packages)
  • CLOUD STORAGE / DIGITAL PRESERVATION: Choice of cloud storage suppliers.


Max Communications and the RSA Archive have a successful, long standing working relationship. We have undertaken several digitisation projects together to scan our numerous large sized artworks, prints and diagrams. More recently we successfully migrated to Max’s archive management and digital preservation services, DRYAD and SOTERIA. I cannot fault either the consistent quality of the digitisation or the quality of professional service provided and would recommend, Max Communications, without reservation.

--Eve Watson | Head of Archive | The Royal Society of Arts